Welcome QUILT, CRAFT, and NEEDLEWORK enthusiasts!
                  We invite you to try the COMFORT THIMBLE.  
Put the JOY back in needlework for sensitive or arthritic fingers.
The ERGONOMICALLY designed, SOFT, FLEXIBLE Comfort Thimble
HUGS your finger with a NATURAL FIT, while its FIRM, ANGLED TIP
grips the needle to provides PERFECT CONTROL. 


Inquire at your favorite quilt shop or contact us for source and ordering information.
Write, call, or e-mail. We enjoy hearing from our customers.
                           COMFORT THIMBLE 
                               PO Box 41689
                            Eugene, OR 97404                      
                         Phone: 541-688-5092                   
                          Fax: 541-688-0294 

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